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I compose in a variety of styles and settings, and I'm a jazz pianist by trade.

Original compositions are marked violet.



I helped lead composer Jaedon Braun, a.k.a MoxieCat, with mixing and orchestrating several tracks in the soundtrack to Frogsong, the heartfelt action RPG based in a fantasy world of frogs. I also went on to voice a character, Elder Bufo, and collaborated with the whole team on dialogue editing!

Animal Crossing: Taking Root


A composition study of the wholesome style of Animal Crossing soundtracks, by composing 24 songs for an Animal Crossing day cycle.

Work for Curiomatic

Various Genres

I created arrangements of video game music for videos made by Curiomatic, a team of creative minds studying and showcasing video game design and art.

Original Songs


Songs I sing that express my mood, my love of storytelling, and how I play with musical process.

Tiny Jam Session

Various Genres

Arrangements of classic video game music, focusing on performance with only a few instruments at a time.

Rivals of Aether Custom Characters

Various Genres

Arrangements for custom characters created for the fighting game Rivals of Aether. Thanks to @mitsame for having me on these projects!

Other VGM Arrangements

Various Genres

I arrange a lot of video game music: the medium holds so much value to explore. For fun, I often create a fictional game scenario for an existing video game series, to justify and explore the personal twist I put on an arrangement. Sometimes I cross the styles of two series, and sometimes I compose originals to supplement the concept.


Pokémon Fan Compositions

Super Mario

Animal Crossing


Pikmin Fan Compositions

From Other Games


Video Game Concerts


Original arrangements of video game music created for live concerts crafted entirely by CalArts students. The concert featuring the "Galaga" arrangement was my first experience as a concert producer.

Fall 2018

Spring 2019

Fall 2019

Film Sound/Narration Work


Collaborators whose films I've had the honor of scoring or narrating.



A series of contemporary string pieces about representing fictional landscapes. I find I often interpret contemporary music visually in this way.

Topography I

Topography II

Topography III

Future Stars - Wavebirds


Future Stars is an album of compositions from up and coming electronic music artists, produced by John Tejada and published by Touched Records. I composed and mixed the fourth song on the album, "Wavebirds."

Glass Bead


A large contemporary jazz ensemble lead by Nick Maldonado. I played piano/keyboard on recordings of his original compositions.





A series of funk compositions playing with harmonic rhythm. Bonus 4 was featured on Capitol Records' "CalArts Jazz 2019" album.

Bonus 1 - 3

Bonus 4


Meditative textural compositions for a surreal video game concept I've held with me for a few years.

CalArts Collaborations

Various Genres

I'm very lucky to have met several artists in the CalArts community who were eager to collaborate on projects of all kinds. Here is a selection of duo projects from my time there. "South Pacific Island II" is a tribute to the late Stephen Hillenburg.

Tunes from the Tesseract


Very experimental convolutions of MIDI piano sounds and recordings of classical pieces, mainly messing with the feeling of linear time.