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Scruffy, a.k.a Maxx Bradley, is a media composer, video creator, and visual artist. Their jazz piano studies and performances over 21 years have uniquely sculpted their compositional style, both audially and visually. During their time at College of Charleston, they honed their craft under such accomplished musicians as Yiorgos Vassilandonakis, Quentin Baxter, and Robert Lewis. Into Scruffy's work increasingly went their love for video games and soundtracks, particuarly the colorful style and gameplay of Nintendo games. The Pikmin series will forever be their favorite.

Scruffy now holds an MFA in Music Composition from the California Institute of the Arts, having worked under Michael Pisaro and Karen Tanaka's mentorship and scored student films, video games, and collaborative videos. They also produced their first concerts at CalArts: a videogame music concert in the spirit of fellow composer Ryan Yoshikami, and a personal recital of music celebrating the Scruffy tag: "What I Love."

Scruffy started a YouTube channel to share original music and to demonstrate admirable details in video games that often go overlooked. They aspire to keep producing educational content about video game design and audio, and to always keep making music of many kinds, in their own style and the ones they befriend. Scruffy ultimately hopes to make an eclectic music education accessible, enjoyable, and free to anyone.